In this enjoyable game environment, we embrace a culture of respect and kindness. Disruptive behavior and bullying have no place here. As the dedicated staff, we stand firm in our commitment to maintain a welcoming atmosphere, where shenanigans that harm or discriminate against other players or gameplay will not be tolerated.

For questions and guidance, our primary platform is Discord, where players can seek assistance with trading, discuss builds, and share their experiences. While we strive to be available to support you, please understand that staff may not always be immediately present to answer your queries.

Discord is thoughtfully organized, with a public general channel to warmly welcome newcomers and guide them in joining the server. As players become more engaged and established, they gain access to other channels, safeguarding their privacy and information from unwelcome intrusions.

To foster a respectful community, we have set clear guidelines:

  • Avoid sending racial slurs and NSFW content.
  • Refrain from misuse or spamming in any channels.
  • The primary language of this server is English.
  • Respect blocked words and do not attempt to bypass them.
  • Please refrain from sharing Discord server invites, links, or codes without permission.
  • Griefing other players during gameplay is not permitted.
  • We kindly request not to ask to become a staff member.
  • Above all, cherish the game, appreciate your fellow players, and most importantly, have a great time.

By adhering to these principles, we can all contribute to an environment that fosters camaraderie, exploration, and memorable experiences for each and every player. Let's build a supportive community together, where everyone can relish in the joy of this incredible game.