Player Guide &Help

Discord is the main use for help for this game. 


Once you have downloaded the Game' The Best thing to do is set up a folder on your desktop and then put the zip folder in "New Folder"  Call it anything you wish. . unzip the download into this folder. This will not interfere with any other UO games you have installed. Once you Have unzipped the game. Run the .exe as administrator. This allows you to connect to the server but also will set up the default settings for the included Razor Package for the game. 


There Are Many commands you can set up in the macro section or and in razor. Discord will have help and the community is always willing to help.  With that in mind here are some Basics to get you started. 

[BS or [BandSelf - this set as a macro will allow you to hotkey a Bandage to heal your self. 

[MyStats - This will bring up a nice Detail Stats gump of your character.

[Afk - This will allow the server to know your Afk away at the moment and wont boot you out for being idle for to long. 

[Emote - This brings up the good old emote for role play purposes.