1.To start crafting, you will need to get the Custom Tinkering Tool.
    You can obtain one by fishing.
2. Craft the Resource Guide Catalog.
     This catalog has valuable information on where  to locate needed crafting supplies.

3.   Each catalog shows pictures and names of items you can craft, what skill is required,  which custom tool is needed, and what special crafters table you need to be standing next to.
If you don’t want to craft the catalogs, you can look at them in the Library.
Special crafter tables are shown in the Carpenter Catalog.

4.  Doing Treasure Maps, Fishing, Mining, Lumberjack & Carving Creatures are essential in gathering resources  for crafting.

CRAFTS:  All Crafts Require 118 - 120 Skill Level
Carpet Craft =  102 Sizeable Carpets, 24 Rugs & 22 Tile Rugs
Carpenter Craft = create required Crafting Table Addons and Addon Deeds.
Cauldron Craft =  Barrels, Baskets, Crates, Food Items, Trays, Shelf
Construction Craft = Building Materials, Fence, Pillars, Walls, Windows
Doll Craft =  Doll Heads, Doll Bodies, Accessories, mix and match to make cute scenery’s at your home.
Electrician Craft = Candles, Lights, Lamps, Lamp Posts, Lanterns, Sconce, Machines 
Furniture Craft = Counter, Shelf, Dresser, Tables,Chairs
Glass Craft = Bottles, Vases, Mirrors, Science Lab, & other
Household Craft = Decorative Baskets, Carts, Containers, Misc. Items, 
Jewler Craft = Alloys, Belts, Necklace, Wings
Knitting Craft = Curtains, Doilys, Pillows, Wedding Garments, Misc.
Manniquin & Statue Caft = Hat Manniquins, Clothing Manniquins, Statues
Painting Craft =  115 Paintings
Plant Craft = Potted Plants, Hedges, Evil Trees, Bushes, Ivy, Mushrooms, Vines, Topiary
Taxidermy Craft = Lots of taxidermy plaques to hang on your walls.
Tinkering Craft = Custom Resources, Catalogs, Tools

Skill Requirements:  All custom crafts require 118 - 120 skill level.
Carpet Craft =  Tailor
Carpenter Craft = Carpenter
Cauldron Craft =  Cooking
Construction Craft = Blacksmith 
Doll Craft =  Tailor
Electrician Craft = Tinkering 
Furniture Craft = Blacksmith
Glass Craft = Alchemy
Household Craft = Blacksmith 
Jewler Craft = Tinkering
Knitting Craft = Tailor
Manniquin & Statue Caft = Blacksmith
Painting Craft =  Alchemy
Plant Craft = Alchemy
Taxidermy Craft = Tinkering
Tinkering Craft = Tinkering

Other Requirements: 
Mining = level 100-120 to gather Granite and Sand. You must use the books, Making Valuables with Stoncrafting & Mining for Quality Stone.  You can buy these books from the NPC Stone Crafter.

Glassblowing = level 100 - 120. You must use the books, Crafting Glass with Glassblowing & Find Glass Quality Sand.  You can buy these books from the NPC Alchemist / Glassblower.



For more information - visit the workshop/vendor house in game, to find guides and details of what can be built in Hestia's Catalogs.

You can also Ask/find more information or Help by asking Hestia or other players on Discord.