* Ultima - V is a 1 map world at this time. 

* Expansion - ToL  

Trammel Rule Set. PVM/RP  

* Two Accounts Per IP & One House Per Account. (House's do Decay)  Account will be Deleted after a 90 day No log in to help keep Game Saves down. If your in need of your account being Delayed more that the 90 days Acceptations can be made. 

* TotalSkillCap=8750 / Stat Cap TotalStatCap=275

Weapons & Armor  "Arties" Will not be Accessible to the world . This is a Skill based Game and a custom crafting system will be implemented Soon. 


This Server is Still Under Construction and this is subject to change as needed. We are under "Alpha Stage" at this time and Still making many changes. Your patience is greatly apricated during this time. 

Custom's is a word to often for a description of some of the free servers online. With that said This World Has over 3000 Custom art peace's. Many by the Fellow Staff Member Hestia. Her Talent's are Exceptional and has made this a very special Place to Play. The world is a very "Eye Pleasing" Experience. We are Lucky To have her With us and Is a worthy Server!

This is a "Sandbox Game" meaning that you lead your own path. There is Everything from owning housing (yes customable) to questing and everything in between. Town Ship Skills will be a high  Commodity when the craft system is put into place. (Allowing players to craft many of the custom art that has been added to the game. Very Exciting! 

There are many fun and unique things to explore and find on the custom map. 


This World has Two Player Run Towns that allow player housing  & eight Npc City's. Also consist Twelve extremely difficult dungeons (coming soon) 

Although built with a one map frame set. Top side world is not a forgiving place at all.  you will have to be on your toes as you explore Land Or Sea. Good Luck!

This World is for the Strong willed and mature Players. We Expect YOU the player will want to stay because you find it Adventurous & a enjoyable time that fits your "Role Play Style"  Thanks for Checking Ultima - V out and hope you enjoy your stay.


Yes Unfortunately there needs to be posted as well.  Some think its fun to "Create Problems" for others through Small Servers. Anyway Lets get to it.

There is no need to be disruptive or bully
anyone in a entertaining game environment. 
As Staff is concerned we wont tolerate shenanigans' that ruin, or discriminate game play or the players.

Discord is the primary use for Questions and a guide to players who need help with
Trading or Looking to discuss builds, and even just chatting about experience's.
Staff will not always be there to answer your questions. 

Discord is set up to welcome someone in the public general and help someone join the server ect. If someone has played for a while 
and is interested in staying, they will be granted access to the other channels as a player. This protects the players privacy and information
from lurkers.

-No sending racial slurs and NSFW content.
-Do not misuse or spam in any of the channels.
-The primary language of this server is English.
-Do not attempt to bypass any blocked words.
-No Discord server invites links or codes, do not advertise without permission.
-Do not Grief play others while in game.
-Don't Ask to become a staff member.
-Simply just respect the game and the players and have a good time.

Our Goal is to run and maintain a self sufficient server. We are a small community and hope to find players with the passion that exceeds our own. The Rules are Simple- Just use common sense and have fun. Grief playing or Negative Actions to the server or other players will not be tolerated. This is a Role Playing Game. Keep it as such! Thanks,    MoreBeer.